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openDesk Support Ticket System:

openDesk is a PHP/MySQL based support ticket system. It gives you and your customer a very interactive and user-friendly environment wherein your customers can ask for support with full privacy without worrying about any security issues.

openDesk comes with the following features:

• Full summary of Ticket Statistics, Department Statistics, Most Viewed Knowledgebase Categories and Most Downloaded Files.
• Search desk to search tickets.
• Announcements for your customers.
• Add/Edit/Delete customers.
• Mass email all customers.
• Ban customers by username/IP/email address.
• Add/Edit/Delete Ticket Departments.
• Add/Edit/Delete support staffs.
• Add/Edit/Delete Knowledgebase and Download categories .
• Add/Edit/Delete Knowledgebase and Downloads.
• One click database backup.
• Email notification on ticket creation/updation.
• Ability to assign staffs to different departments.
• Perfect for small and medium sized business.


* Price:
$10 (one time fee)

Note: Customization of this application is available @ USD $10 / hour. Please contact us for any queries.

* Free Setup + Free upgrades for 1 year
* Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
* Software Requirement: PHP version 4.4.2 and above with GD library installed, MYSQL version 4 and above

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